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Discover relief with the world's first CBG cigarette.

Clear your mind. Refresh your body.

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Have you ever felt CBG?

A cannabinoid so rare, many have never heard of it, and even fewer people have ever been able to experience it's effects.

Until now.

what is qiwi?

QIWI is on a mission to help adults discover what we believe is one of the most revolutionary products of our time.

Hemp has been around for centuries, but never before have we seen such potential from this plant.

We're revolutionizing hemp/cannabis with our qiwis, and we want you to be a part of it.
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tobacco and nicotine-free

- While they may look like cigarettes, they contain no nicotine or tobacco. Every pack of qiwi contains nothing but twenty prerolls of the rarest and most powerful CBG flower in the world.

cannot get you high, less than 0.3% delta-thc

• Qiwi flower is currently at the lowest possible trace levels seen in any smokable product, due to our use of these rare genetics!

Up to 111mg of CBG per cigarette

• 2220mg per pack, setting a completely new standard in the hemp industry.

Every day carry

• qiwis were made with convenience in mind. all the aesthetic appeal of cigarettes, all the benefits of CBG, and none of the risks of tobacco. dull your anxiety. ease your stress. dampen your soreness. sleep better.

uncompromising quality

‍• and all for $20/pack of twenty*, that's a dollar a cigarette for immediate relief and empowerment. we'd say that's a hell of a deal. (*$25 one time / $20 if subscribed!)

our focus?

Quality CBG ingredients

a++ quality

we don't use processed trim, shake, and leftovers like the other guys. we make our qiwis with enthusiast-grade CBG-rich hemp flower. you deserve nothing but the best, and we aim to be just that.

no processed garbage, just the best CBG flower, grown from the best hand-selected genetics, grown on small family owned farms.

quality CBG ingredients

artisan care

we have taken many additional steps to make sure that everything has been precisely tailored to enhance your smoking experience, like harvesting at night to preserve the naturally occurring flavor compounds and medicinal cannabinoids.

we truly believe that if you treat the plants right, they will reward you many times over.

qiwi cbg cigarettes'

made for you

here at qiwi, we are proud to be able to share our product with the world. we would love to see CBG cigarettes in the hands of those people who we know would see the most benefits.

what is CBG?

CBG is essentially the stem cell cannabinoid that THC, CBD, CBC, CBN and others all come from. It is like the more potent cousin to CBD, with additional benefits!

discover powerful relief for...

CBG relieves anxiety
CBG relieves stress
CBG relieves physical discomfort
physical discomfort
CBG helps you sleep

have any questions?

we thought you might.

visit our faq to read more about CBG, our product, our company, and our policies.

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thoughts, comments, concerns?

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