About Us

Who's behind QIWI CORP?

My name is Joshua, and I am the founder of QIWI CORP.

Qiwi was born from my own personal need to address my anxiety and stress disorders.

I quit my job and set out to create a product that I could conveniently use any time I felt a panic attack coming on, or whenever I had trouble focusing.

It had to be as clean as possible, as I was going to be smoking them on a regular basis. Additive-free rice paper, and hemp flower grown without pesticides means qiwis are one of the cleanest smokable products available.

By August 2020, we had created the strongest CBD cigarettes on the market, with 130mg of CBD per cigarette.

But we knew we could do better. We decided to go even further and set out to create the world's first CBG cigarettes.

We succeeded.

Our new CBG cigarettes contain up to 2220mg of CBG per pack, setting an absolutely new standard in the industry.

Welcome to the future.