qiwi CBG cigarettes

you deserve a break


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what is qiwi?

premium hemp cigarettes made with only 100% high quality cbd flower

• tobacco-free
• nicotine-free
• crafted with care
• won't get you high
• legal in all 50 states


to counter the damage done by large scale chemical agriculture, we plan to exclusively purchase our cbd-rich flower from family-owned farms focused on sustainable farming.


we don't use processed trim, shake, and leftovers like the other guys.

we make our qiwis with premium cbd-rich buds. you deserve nothing but the best, and we aim to be just that.

no stems, no seeds, just high-quality cbd flower.

made for you

qiwi was born out of a singular idea: a product that could enhance mood, energy levels, and ease anxiety , all without the use of addictive substances like nicotine or chemical additives.

what can qiwi do for you?

qiwis contain 130mg of CBD. our CBD provides a gentle, warm body sensation, alongside a powerful calming effect, all without any mental distortion or grogginess.

what can CBD help with?

chronic pain

have any questions?

we thought you might. visit our faq to read more about CBD, our product, our company, and our policies.


thoughts, comments, concerns?

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