What Is CBG

What exactly does this rare cannabinoid do that sets it apart?    
By Belén Maluenda

It has been called the “Mother of all Cannabinoids,” because it’s the chemical precursor of all other compounds found in hemp and cannabis. But that’s not what makes cannabigerol (CBG) one of the most sought after and expensive cannabis compounds on the market. CBG is very similar in structure and function to its more well-known cousin, CBD, and also doesn’t produce a “high.” However, CBG’s medicinal properties appear to be significantly stronger than those of CBD, especially those relating to anxiety and depression. And that’s just the tip of this wonderful iceberg.

What are the benefits of CBG?

Let’s get down to it. CBD/CBG research is still new, but it’s definitely well on its way, and it’s very, promising. Remember that we can’t make any medical claims that guarantee results from CBG. Nevertheless, a considerable and growing body of scholarly research and a LOT of anecdotal evidence suggest that CBG has the potential to help with… *takes deep breath*:

post-workout soreness
menstrual pain
insomnia and sleep quality
erectile dysfunction
high blood pressure
inflammatory bowel disease
chronic pain syndromes
bacterial infections
fungal infections
bladder problems
quitting cigarettes
inflammation in the brain
protection against and remedy for some forms of cancer
protection against some neurodegenerative diseases such as Huntington’s disease
and MORE.

Mind you, those are just some direct biological benefits CBG offers. But of course, once CBG helps the mind and body feel more comfortable, there are wonderful secondary benefits. This is where anecdotal evidence fills in what the science cannot. 
Many users report seeing huge improvements and enhancement in areas like their creativity, their productivity, and their performance in the gym and in the bedroom. Also, though it shouldn’t be considered a replacement for any necessary medication, it could be used as a powerful remedy to complement and possibly reduce your reliance on some chemical medications. 

How does CBG work?

Most people would agree that the human body is a magnificently powerful machine. Its trillions of cells draw on millions of years of genetic wisdom written in our DNA. Using those instructions, our bodies use unimaginably complex networks to heal themselves, protect themselves, and allow us to experience a rich and vibrant sensory experience. So, how does CBG play a part in this symphony of cellular activity? You can think of CBG as particularly high-quality oil for the machine. 

What is the endocannabinoid system?

To understand how CBG works in the body, you must first know a little about the endocannabinoid system, or the ECS. In short, the ECS is a vast network of endocannabinoid receptors present throughout your body’s nervous systems. It works behind the scenes to help create homeostasis or balance throughout your body.

Cannabinoids including CBG, bind to this system’s receptors and produce medicinal effects that help shift the cellular scales toward balance. For example, when cells overreact in their efforts to heal a sore muscle or joint and cause painful inflammation, CBG brings those cells’ activity to a manageable level. In doing so, CBG can reduce inflammation and the pain it causes while still allowing for the healing to continue.

So going back to our “premium oil in the machine” analogy, CBG can make it a little easier for your ECS to regulate things such as your digestive system, neural networks, and immune system. The balance it creates helps your entire body and mind feel better. CBG won’t make you superhuman, but it could certainly support your efforts to be your best self. 

How does CBG make you feel?

As a user, CBG could have a noticeable effect on how you feel. Now that you understand everything the science has suggested CBG can do behind the scenes, it’s easier to see why there is so much anecdotal evidence from users that tout its benefits. CBG can make you feel more relaxed, focused, and physically comfortable. Besides just having the ability to reduce pain, CBG can relax your muscles, bringing a feeling of calm to your body, as its neural effects bring peace to your mind. 

Is CBG worth it?

As CBG supports your ECS in its efforts to promote homeostasis, the benefits as a whole can help bring you closer to the best version of yourself. By reducing, preventing, and eliminating obstacles like anxiety and pain, CBG could give you the freedom to consistently work from an elevated state of inner harmony. This empowered state of peaceful balance can help you unleash and enhance your focus, creativity, physical performance, and even your ability to connect with others. As you bring your best self into every situation, you’re free to expand your potential and thrive.